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A Letter to God MCQ: Understanding the Story and its Themes

Mar 11, 2024

The short story “A Letter to God” by Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes is a thought-provoking tale that explores the themes of faith, human nature, and the power of belief. Through the story, the author raises important questions about the nature of God and the role of religion in our lives. In this article, we will delve into the story, analyze its key elements, and provide multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to test your understanding. Let’s begin!

The Story: A Letter to God

“A Letter to God” tells the story of Lencho, a poor farmer who relies on his crops for survival. One year, a terrible hailstorm destroys his entire crop, leaving him and his family in despair. In a desperate attempt to seek help, Lencho decides to write a letter to God, asking for a hundred pesos to help him recover from the loss.

Lencho’s faith in God is unwavering, and he believes that God will answer his plea. He writes the letter with utmost sincerity and addresses it simply to “God.” Lencho then takes the letter to the post office, where the postmaster and the employees are amused by his innocence and faith.

Curious about the contents of the letter, the postmaster opens it and reads it. Touched by Lencho’s faith, he decides to help him. The postmaster collects money from his colleagues and manages to gather the requested amount. He then sends the money to Lencho, who is overjoyed and grateful.

However, Lencho soon discovers that he has received only seventy pesos instead of the hundred he had asked for. Feeling betrayed, he writes another letter to God, expressing his disappointment and accusing the post office employees of stealing the money. In the end, Lencho reaffirms his faith in God, believing that God will somehow provide the remaining thirty pesos.

Themes Explored in “A Letter to God”

The story “A Letter to God” explores several themes that resonate with readers. Let’s take a closer look at these themes:

1. Faith and Belief

One of the central themes of the story is faith and belief. Lencho’s unwavering faith in God is evident throughout the narrative. Despite facing immense hardship and loss, he firmly believes that God will answer his prayers. His faith is so strong that he even writes a letter to God, seeking help. This theme highlights the power of belief and the comfort it can provide in times of distress.

2. Human Nature

The story also explores the complexities of human nature. Lencho’s reaction to receiving only seventy pesos instead of a hundred reveals his disappointment and suspicion. He immediately assumes that someone has stolen the money, showing a lack of trust in his fellow human beings. This aspect of human nature, characterized by doubt and suspicion, is contrasted with Lencho’s unwavering faith in God.

3. The Role of Religion

“A Letter to God” raises questions about the role of religion in our lives. Lencho’s belief in God is deeply rooted in his religious upbringing and cultural background. His faith provides him with solace and hope, even in the face of adversity. The story prompts readers to reflect on the significance of religion as a source of strength and guidance.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

Now that we have explored the story and its themes, let’s test your understanding with some multiple-choice questions:

  1. What does Lencho write a letter to God for?

    • a) To ask for a hundred pesos
    • b) To express his gratitude
    • c) To complain about the post office
    • d) To seek forgiveness
  2. What happens when the postmaster reads Lencho’s letter?

    • a) He ignores it
    • b) He laughs at Lencho
    • c) He decides to help Lencho
    • d) He tears up the letter
  3. How much money does Lencho receive?

    • a) A hundred pesos
    • b) Seventy pesos
    • c) Fifty pesos
    • d) No money
  4. What does Lencho accuse the post office employees of?

    • a) Stealing his money
    • b) Not delivering his letter
    • c) Writing a fake response from God
    • d) None of the above
  5. What does Lencho’s reaction to receiving seventy pesos reveal?

    • a) His disappointment and suspicion
    • b) His gratitude and joy
    • c) His indifference
    • d) His confusion


“A Letter to God” is a captivating short story that explores themes of faith, human nature, and the role of religion. Through the character of Lencho, the author highlights the power of belief and the comfort it can provide in times of hardship. The story also prompts readers to reflect on the complexities of human nature and the significance of religion in our lives. By testing your understanding with the multiple-choice questions, we hope you have gained a deeper insight into the story and its themes.

Remember, faith and belief can be powerful forces that shape our lives and provide us with strength during challenging times. Let us cherish and respect the diverse ways in which people find solace and meaning in their beliefs.

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