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Lanarkshire’s Leading Private Physiotherapy & Healthcare Facility

Lanarkshire’s Leading Private Physiotherapy & Healthcare Facility

Jul 25, 2022

A team of physiotherapists from JMC Physiocures in Bothwell has been named Lanarkshire’s Leading Private Physiography & Healthcare Facility for the third time. Nominations for this award came from patients, family members, colleagues and friends. The team comprises of seven physiotherapists and four assistant practitioners. The team has worked with colleagues across the region, including those in north and south Lanarkshire visit this website core-physio.org

JMC Physiocures

If you’re in need of physiotherapy, you should know that JMC Physiocures has five locations in Lanarkshire. The clinics are conveniently located, and patients can take advantage of fast access times and convenient locations. This means that you’ll never have to wait longer than necessary to receive care. In addition, you can expect to receive top-quality treatment from highly qualified physiotherapists.

Complete Physio

The complete team at Complete Physiotherapy specializes in rehabilitation. Our expert team of physiotherapists has a passion for helping people with a range of conditions and is able to address their specific needs in a variety of ways. Whether you require physical therapy to relieve pain, improve mobility, or prevent injury, we can help. From diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitating patients and maintaining their independence, we can help.

Matrix Physiotherapy

If you’ve suffered from a physical injury, Matrix Physiotherapy a Lanarkshire-based private physiotherapy and healthcare facility can help you regain normal range of motion, strength, balance, and control of your joints. This advanced physiotherapy therapy uses a combination of exercise, nutrition, and relaxation to help patients regain their normal function. Matrix Physiotherapy offers a range of rehabilitation treatments, ranging from manual therapy to sports injury clinics. And you can even get home visits, making the experience all the more convenient for you.

Ace Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

Ace Physiotherapy focuses on the prevention and recovery from injury and illness through personalised care. Its mission is to help patients regain maximum physical function and participation in daily life. It also promotes the use of self-management strategies for sports injuries, such as learning proper exercises and techniques to avoid recurrence. A key part of treatment is education and advice to help patients maintain the recovery they have achieved in usglobalworld.

Impact Physiotherapy

Impact Physiotherapy is Lanarkshire’ premier private physiotherapy and healthcare facility. Offering face-to-face and virtual appointments, this facility treats various conditions and specializes in musculoskeletal, respiratory, and occupational conditions. Services include pain management, Indian head massage, craniosacral therapy, and sports injuries. The clinic offers case management for corporate clients and provides a variety of physiotherapy treatments, including sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Physio UK

Physio UK is a leading private physiotherapy and healthcare provider with six clinics throughout the Northwest. Their team includes experts in neurology, paediatrics, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. They also offer pain management, orthotics, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, respiratory care, and much more. They also work closely with case managers and large companies, offering a wide range of services.

Healthsure Physiotherapy

The Healthsure Physiotherapy – Coatbridge location is open Monday to Saturday. It offers a range of physiotherapy treatments for all ages and injuries, including sports and rehabilitation. For all your physical therapy needs, we’re here to help. Healthsure is proud to be one of the leading private physiotherapy and healthcare facilities in Lanarkshire.

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