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Tips And Tricks For Marketing Your Amazon FBA Business

Tips And Tricks For Marketing Your Amazon FBA Business

Aug 22, 2022

I have been commerce on Amazon since 2013 and it’s been my largest supply of financial gain since 2014. i really like the business model and suppose that mistreatment Amazon FBA is that the best thanks to build a climbable physical product whole in 2017. however i’m seeing a heavy trend. There square measure scores of those that have bought into the dream, endowed heaps of cash in making a product and a primary batch created, however haven’t place any thought into the way to sell it once it arrives within the Amazon warehouses. I hope to rectify that mistake in this post by telling you everything I know about marketing your Amazon FBA business. Visit Spotifystorm to buy Spotify playlist followers.  

This article is admittedly for those that have discovered or square measure within the method of putting in Associate in Nursing Amazon FBA business. If that’s not you then I counsel beginning with this post:

Post: How To Start An Amazon FBA Business

Marketing your Amazon FBA business is 1st and foremost an imaginative endeavor – the selling that works is that the selling that everybody else isn’t doing. therefore let ME place it bold: this can be not a how-to guide, this can be simply a group of tips and tricks that employment on behalf of me.  I counsel attempting all of them out and going with what works. within the words of Bruce Lee:

Absorb what’s helpful, discard what’s useless and add what’s specifically your own.

Now on to the goodies. there’s heaps here therefore i’m attending to split my orient selling your Amazon FBA business into a number of categories:

Getting More Views On Your Listings From Amazon

Including pay-per-click and Amazon search improvement

Getting Views On Your Listing From Outside Amazon

Including influencer selling, giveaways, and ancient advertising

Improving the Conversions of Your Listings

Including listing improvement and obtaining additional sensible reviews

Getting additional Views On Your Listings From Amazon

Appearing In Amazon Searches

The best thanks to get views on your Amazon listing is to look at the highest of the list once somebody searches for the merchandise. There square measure 2 ways that to try and do this. Either:

Get chosen by Amazon’s rule because the most relevant result for the explore for keyword.

Pay to be at the highest.

In the below image I actually have done a fast seek for ‘water bottle’ and place a red sq. around all the listings that have paid to be there and a inexperienced sq. round the organic ones.

It is pretty dangerous very. If somebody searches for ‘water bottle’ they have to scroll down before they get to any listings that haven’t paid to be at the highest. selling your Amazon FBA business is quickly turning into a pay-to-play setup.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising On Amazon

Amazon PPC is pretty straightforward to grasp and is that the easiest method of promoting your Amazon FBA merchandise. it’s Associate in Nursing auction primarily based system. for every keyword everybody bids on what proportion they’re willing to pay per click. Then Amazon chooses a winner supported the bid quantity and the way appropriate they suppose your product is.

We don’t understand specifically however the auction works because it is secret. What we have a tendency to do understand is that you simply don’t pay the complete bid quantity. My best guess is that the winner pays the bid of the nighest loser. therefore if I bid £10 a click and also the next nighest bid is 50p. i’ll pay 50p. that’s a guess, however an informed one. It will create it quite troublesome to settle on a bidding strategy, fortunately we will let Amazon try this for U.S.. additional on this later.

The system is that the same no matter that Amazon marketplace you’re commerce on. The below screenshot is from my Canadian marketer account.

ACoS is one amongst the key figures. Provided this can be higher than your gross margin you’ll be creating cash. therefore if your gross margin is generally four-hundredth once production prices and every one Amazon fees, you’ll be creating cash for any ACoS below four-hundredth. (If you’re not a natural man of struggling to work out your profit margin you can use a third party Amazon seller analytics software, such as Fetcher).

Recently there has been heaps of complaints regarding Amazon PPC. within the USA it’s got terribly competitive and also the average ACoS individuals square measure seeing has been growing. that is one amongst the explanations I actually have shown you my Canadian campaign manager within the screenshot higher than. My ACoS on each alternative marketplace is regarding half what it’s within the USA. Here is that the very same campaign on the USA site:

The ACoS is over double. In fact, it’s therefore high that we have a tendency to virtually create no cash any longer. selling your Amazon FBA business on the USA web site is obtaining terribly competitive, however that doesn’t mean it isn’t price doing.

I will run the PPC campaign notwithstanding it breaks even. further sales cause additional reviews (see below) and assist you climb the bestseller rankings. therefore notwithstanding sales from the PPC campaign don’t create any cash, they must cause additional organic sales. (That’s the speculation anyway!)

Setting Up An Automatic Campaign

The most simple type of Amazon FBA PPC campaign is an automated one. Set a small daily budget (maybe $10 to begin with), choose the products you want to advertise, let Amazon choose your bid and then let it loose. It is that simple and takes just a few clicks.

Generally, I suggest doing a separate campaign for each item that is completely different and targeting different keywords. If you have items that target the same keyword, put them in the same campaign and the same ad group. If you put them in separate campaigns you risk bidding against yourself for the same keyword.

Amazon will automatically select keywords and bid on them for you.

After a week or two, you can go in and optimise the campaign by reviewing what it has been bidding on and telling it the keywords not to bid on. In the campaign manager click on ‘download the search terms report’ and open it in excel. Here is a screenshot of one of my search term reports:

Note: The combination of letters and numbers are ASINs of other product. That means that my product appears as a suggested alternative to other seller’s products.

I am looking for any search terms that are out of place and shouldn’t be there. It seems that Amazon is struggling to tell the difference between the search term ‘table tennis racket’ and ‘tennis racket’. I therefore need to go in and tell Amazon not to bid on ‘tennis racket’.

If you’re a bit of stats geek you can also look into which exact keywords or competitor products aren’t converting and remove them too. There is a lot of good data in those search term reports!

Back in campaign manager we go to ‘Campaign Settings’ -> ‘Negative Keywords’

The only thing to be aware of here is the difference between Phrase and Exact. Phrase includes any search term that has your keywords in that order in it. It also allows for variation of punctuation and capitals.

So in this example, phrase would also include:

  • Best mens tennis racket
  • mens tennis racket gift ideas
  • the very best men’s tennis racket for father’s day

Exact requires that the keywords to be the only words in the search term. But does allow for different punctuation and capitals. Exact would include:

  • Men’s tennis racket
  • mens tennis racket

This is important. For ‘mens tennis racket’ I am happy to add it as a negative phrase. But for the term ‘tennis racket’ I only want to add that as a negative exact. If I added it as a phrase I would also be telling Amazon to not bid on keywords such as ‘table tennis racket’, which is the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve!

And that is all I am going to say about automatic keyword targeting. Just log in periodically, make sure it is still profitable and tweak.

Once the campaign has a profitable ACoS you can start raising the daily limit until you are spending all the Amazon will allow.

Setting Up A Manual Campaign

If you want to take a more hands on approach you can choose to set the keywords yourself. Some people have a lot of success doing this, but in my opinion it is only worth doing in a few very specific situations: where you have a high converting exact phrase you want to bid on. If you have a profitable exact phrase then it is worth it because your bid can be slightly lower.

Let’s look at the screenshot below to show you what I mean:

In this image, I am creating a campaign targeting the keyword ‘Water Bottle’. There are three levels of matching. Exact and Phrase we have already covered. Broad is like a more abstract Phrase and includes synonyms.

If someone searches water bottle in Amazon and there are three bidders on the keyword all bidding the same amount, Amazon will choose the Exact bidder above the Broad or Phrase. You can see from the screenshot that the Broad will need to pay 75c whereas the Exact only needs to pay 56c.

As automatic campaigns only use Broad, this can give the manual campaign quite a big advantage.

Now enough of PPC, onto some cheaper ways of marketing your Amazon FBA products.

Amazon Search Optimisation

I am not an expert in keyword optimisation and what exactly it is that Amazon looks for when choosing the top organic results. But I can guess:

  • Your listing needs to be obviously a result related to the search term
  • Have good reviews
  • Have a high bestseller rank
  • Have good conversion rate

We will cover reviews and conversion in a later part of this article. Having a bestseller ranking is all about selling a lot within the last 24 hours (one of the reasons why it is worth doing PPC even if you just break even).

So that leaves us with being relevant for your search term. This is called keyword optimisation. The concept is simple:

You want to own the phrases and keywords that individuals square measure sorting out seem in you listing

When you produce your listing there square measure some places wherever you’ll be able to place keywords. I even have numbered them in decreasing importance.

The name. – this is often the title that seems at the highest in daring.

The key options. – These square measure bullet points that seem at the highest of the listing page.

The description. – this is often a human-readable description additional down the listing page.

The search terms section. – this is often a side section that customers can’t scan. it’s just for Amazon.

You want to incorporate your main keywords within the title. so place your weird ones additional down. and also the very abstract ones that you just can’t get into your description place within the search terms.

Be a small amount careful with the title. you would like to balance telling Amazon precisely what the listing is regarding with keeping it enticing and decipherable for people at large. i’m positive we’ve all seen keyword stacked Amazon listings that square measure indecipherable. If your title is adjourning human patrons, then you’re doing one thing wrong.

As I said, I’m not associate knowledgeable thus i’ll avoid making an attempt to grant recommendation on keyword density or something like that. Have a play and see what works. If you’re troubled to think about keywords, you’ll be able to use those who convert well within the search terms report of your PPC advertising.

It is price checking to form positive that Amazon is assortment your keywords. you’ll be able to try this manually by sorting out the keywords and seeing if your item seems.  Or you can use a third party tool such as Keywordinspector. If your keyword isn’t indexed you’ll be able to contact vendor support to undertake and obtain it additional.

You can take this keyword optimisation to an enormous geek out level, and there square measure some pretty advanced tools out there to assist you are doing it. Splity is that the main one. Splity is the main one. It allows you to do split testing with your product pages. Basically, it’ll mechanically undertake completely different descriptions/titles/search terms and notice those that convert the most effective.

They’re superb however pricey. to trace five hundred keywords prices $97 a month, a hundred prices $47 a month. It’s pretty advanced thus I don’t advocate investment till you have already got some sales and need to optimize additional. a small description modification isn’t attending to take you from no sales to plenty of sales. however it might take you from fifty sales every day to sixty, which might over cowl the price.

Getting Views On Your Listing From Outside Amazon

The biggest problem once promoting your Amazon FBA business by obtaining additional views from Amazon is that each different FBA vendor is making an attempt to try to to the precise same issue. it’s terribly competitive and notwithstanding you’re during a slender specific niche, {chances square measure|likelihood is that|likelihood is|chances are high that} there are a minimum of a few of others making an attempt to contend with you.

One answer is to maneuver off from Amazon and take a look at and obtain customers returning straight from an out of doors web site to you listing.

Influencer Marketing – Getting Influential People To Recommend Your Item

The technique I even have had the most effective results with is to contact websites that square measure recommending my competitors and asking them to think about my product.

Let Maine show you associate example. Let’s say I even have simply created a brand new yoga mat. My opening move is to seek out out what review websites square measure showing high on Google for relevant keywords. Stuff like:

What yoga mat ought to I get

best yoga mat

top yoga mat on Amazon

You get the thought. Here is that the paw page of Google for ‘best yoga mat’:

I have drawn a red box around each web site that’s creating cash from affiliate links to Amazon. which means that if you scan one amongst their reviews, click through to Amazon and get a yoga mat, they’ll earn a commission.

If you’re interested in learning more about affiliate links, that is how this blog makes money. Read my income report for a breakdown

My maneuver is to email each web site and provide to send them one amongst my product to review. Some can conform to that, some can ignore the e-mail, and a few can raise to be paid. whether or not it’s price paying for the review very depends and you’ll ought to use your own judgment to make your mind up.

Websites square measuren’t the sole influencers World Health Organization are price targeting. well-liked Instagram and YouTubers are price considering. {they square measure|they’re} each rising markets and there are several content creators World Health Organization don’t grasp their price. per se you’ll be able to usually notice a preferred Instagrammer during a niche World Health Organization is willing to market your product in exchange for simply a free item.

I am positive there square measure a great deal of different influencers out there you’ll be able to target. Use your imagination! If you’ll be able to notice those that your competitors aren’t approaching, that offers you a giant advantage.

Giveaways & Deals On Offer Sites

People love a deal. And by providing your product at a laughably low value it will be quite straightforward to urge a great deal of sales. You aren’t attending to build any cash from these sales, however you’ll assist you climb the bestseller rankings and you’ll get some reviews out of it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you can not provide somebody a reduction reciprocally for a review. however reviews that return as a aspect result from providing a reduction square measure There are lots of websites and communities that allow you to list or promote discounted items from Amazon. One that was built specifically for Amazon is JumpSend.

You create a coupon code on Amazon and create a deal listing on JumpSend. Then whenever someone clicks through on your deal they will be given the coupon code to buy your product. It’s also a pretty good site for finding very cheap deals on private label items.

Amazon’s own Lightning Deals is another example. For a 1 off fee ($150 in use, £25 in UK) you’ll get Amazon to advertise your item on its deals page. you wish to supply an oversized discount, it’s just for a brief time and you’ll limit the quantity of stock on the market.

To create a lightning deal go to ‘Advertising -> Lightning Deals’ in Seller Central.

JumpSend and Lightning Deals’ biggest strength is also their biggest weakness. they’re designed and optimised for Amazon. which suggests that there’s an honest likelihood your competitors will be victimisation them.

If you would like a true competitive advantage, I recommend finding niche specific and non-Amazon connected deal sites likewise.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We’ve spoken a touch concerning pay-per-click advertising inside Amazon. however it’s price being aware that there square measure ample platforms outside of Amazon that conjointly settle for PPC advertising.

Here square measure many places you would possibly need to appear into:

Facebook Ads

Reddit Ads

Google Adwords


Advertising on Instagram

It is terribly simple to sink a large quantity of cash into advertising, therefore take care. begin tiny and track what quantity you’re payment vs what percentage additional sales you get. just the once you’ve got a positive come back on investment must you accept scaling up.

I won’t enter this type of advertising in an exceedingly heap of detail here as a result of I actually have antecedently written concerning it. look at this post concerning however i take Check out this post about how I use Outbrain to drive traffic to favorable reviews of my products, which then converts to more sales on Amazon.

Improving the Conversions of Your Listings

Marketing your Amazon FBA merchandise isn’t with regards to obtaining as many of us as attainable to look at your listing. Once you’ve got folks viewing it, you would like as several as attainable to travel on and buy the merchandise. this is often referred to as conversion and is vital for 2 reasons.

Improving conversions may be a great way to create more money while not having to induce additional views on your listing.

A good conversion may be a consider decisive however high you seem on Amazon searches and the way a lot of you pay money for PPC advertising on Amazon.

Having A Top Quality Listing

The better your listing is that the additional probably somebody is to shop for your product. There square measure very 2 stuff you will optimize here:

Good pictures (and videos!)

Your main exposure has to have a white background however aside from that Amazon doesn’t appear to mind if you get a touch inventive together with your different photos. you’ll even embrace a video.

I recommend as well as something you’ll to assist convert a client to shop for your product:

Answering common queries within the pictures. like an image showing the dimension and weight.

Include text showing the merchandise key options.

Show any awards your product has received.

Include something that sets you apart. like an extended warrantee.

Make the merchandise look amazing within the exposure.

Taking sensible product photos is each associate art and a science. you’ll be {able to} attempt to take footage yourself however the fact is that you simply most likely won’t be able to create them adequate. that may be a drawback, as a result of the value to rent a prime skilled will run to several thousands.

We take a rather additional inventive approach in my business. we tend to search on Instagram for folks that square measure in our niche and have created it a hobby to require superb pictures of comparable things. we tend to contact them and pay them to photograph our merchandise. to this point this has been operating well and may be a heap cheaper than aiming to a zealous product lensman.

Here square measure some sensible listings I’ve plucked from Amazon:

Just like each a part of promoting your Amazon FBA business, there’s no right or wrong thanks to do the merchandise pictures. If it works and ends up in additional sales then opt for it. If you’re thinking that of one thing inventive that nobody is doing, don’t be afraid to allow it a go!

Check out this post about how I use Outbrain to drive traffic to favorable reviews of my products, which then converts to more sales on Amazon.

Good Description

If you’ve got a basic listing there isn’t truly a lot of freedom in what we will embrace on the merchandise page. we tend to square measure restricted to simply choosing a bunch of bullet points that seem below the title and an extended type description that seems quite way down the page.

A lot of individuals won’t scan the outline, however virtually everybody can scan the bullet purpose options. therefore check that they’re pretty much as good and convincing as attainable. If you’re marketing on a marketplace that isn’t in your language, please please please get a verbaliser to edit it for you.

Getting Good Reviews

People pay plenty of your time worrying concerning obtaining as several reviews as attainable. {they square measure|they’re} necessary however I actually have found that when you get higher than concerning twenty reviews there are real decreasing returns – every additional review solely contains a tiny impact on the customers’ call to shop for your product. And having sensible reviews alone won’t cause you to seem higher on Amazon searches. additional necessary is to create positive that your reviews reside a mean of four.5 stars or higher.

There square measure plenty of shady strategies for obtaining reviews that I don’t advocate. the benefits from obtaining many additional reviews square measure outweighed by the risks of getting your merchant account closed as a result of you stony-broke some terms and conditions.

The one grey-area methodology I do advocate is to induce your friends to shop for your product and leave a review. Don’t provide them a reduction and don’t refund their purchase as a result of that would be seen as review manipulation and find you in hassle with Amazon (and their reviews removed).

After the initial few reviews, i prefer to line up machine-controlled emails asking customers to go away a review.

Amazon permits this however doesn’t build it simple, there’s no thanks to originated Check out this post about how I use Outbrain to drive traffic to favorable reviews of my products,  it’s terribly straightforward to use and features a heap of customizability. There ar totally different plans to settle on from however the littlest one is free and permits up to a hundred emails a month. Then $20 for subsequent one,000 emails.

There ar a great deal of rules regarding however you’ll be able to use emails in promoting your Amazon FBA merchandise. You cannot:

Incentivise a client to go away a decent review. which means no “get 2 hundredth off your next order if you permit a decent review”.

You cannot embrace a choice tree to filter differing types of reviews. which means you’re not allowed to mention “if you really liked the merchandise click here to go away a decent review, or if you were in any method unhappy please click here to Mainessage me directly and that i can do everything I will to repair it”.

You are conjointly not allowed to incorporate a link to your own web site within the email.

If Amazon catches you breaking these rules you’ll lose your merchandiser account.

So if you can’t embrace any of that, what are you able to embrace to encourage them to go away a decent review? My personal preference may be a 2 email chain.

The first email merely includes helpful info regarding their purchase and asks that if they’re sad to email Maine. Here is my templet for a few table game cracked I sell:

Hi [[first-name]],

My name is SAM and I’m one in every of the creators of the xxxx. thanks most for your order!

I needed to reassure you that we’ve got you coated. If you aren’t utterly glad with one thing once your order arrives, then let Maine grasp and we’ll dig straightened out for you ASAP.

Additionally, if you have got any questions on your order or our merchandise we’d be happy to assist you out.

If you’d prefer to get involved, you’ll be able to simply reply to the present message and we’ll respond promptly. no doubt is ever too little or unimportant.

I’m progressing to give some usage tips for your xxxx:

After receiving your bat, the primary step is to get rid of the protecting film on every of the black and red rubbers. The rubbers ought to feel a {touch|a small amount} sticky to the touch. It’s this surface that allows you to make the unimaginable spin that our cracked ar renowned for.

The bat ought to be hold on in its case between use. If unseen for a protracted amount of your time the rubbers ought to be cleansed.

As you employ the bat, the rubbers can begin to draw in mud from the ball and can lose their feeling of viscousness. they will be cleansed by wiping them down with a touch of water on a clean fabric.

After a couple of year of serious usage, the rubbers can slowly lose their spin and may get replaced. they’re designed to be simply removed and new rubbers will be stuck down in their place. or else, a replacement bat will be purchased.

The bat has been tested and approved by the International table game Federation, that means its legal to be used at tournaments of any level. So go, win some matches and revel in the bat!

All the simplest,


This email sets the tone for the extent of client service i would like to supply similarly as averting dangerous reviews before they happen. If somebody complains and that i can’t fix their issue, I simply don’t send them subsequent email.

Remember, smart client service is in our own way of promoting your Amazon FBA business. If individuals have a decent expertise they’re going to tell people resulting in a lot of sales.

My second email asks for a review:

Hey [[first-name]],

First off, I needed to mention thanks once more for your support. Our little business wouldn’t be ready to grow and still manufacture top of the range table game cracked while not your facilitate.

I detected your order was delivered a handful days agone, thus I hope that you’ve had the prospect to do it out and ensure you’re proud of everything.

We ar forever getting to improve our merchandise and repair, and that we would extremely appreciate if you’ll take a pair of seconds to produce US with some feedback:

[[product-review-link:Leave a review]]Thank you once more for your trust and support.

As always, if you have got any queries, suggestions or comments, or perhaps simply wish to own a talk, send US a message by replying to the present email and we’ll revisit to you as before long as doable.

All the simplest,


The text in square brackets is shortcode which Feedback Genius converts into links that are customized for every client.

Once again experiment with the verbiage of your emails. Ohh ANd if you discover any smart tricks please drop Maine an email to let Maine grasp.

Conclusion – Get Marketing Your Amazon FBA Business

To wrap up, i actually wish high iterate what I aforesaid at the start. promoting solely works once everybody isn’t doing it. If you’ll be able to consider ideas for promoting your Amazon FBA merchandise that aren’t on this list, then provides it a go and if it works follow it. Don’t follow the gang. Use your own creative thinking. And don’t be afraid to do and fail totally different ideas.

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