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Various Types of Home Health Care Services

Various Types of Home Health Care Services

Dec 7, 2022

The range of home health care services you can obtain is limitless. Depending on your situation, care can vary from nursing to specialized medical services, like laboratory workups. You and your specialist will establish the care plan and services you may require. Home care services San Antonio consist of the following:

1. Nursing care

Registered nurses and nursing assistants provide the most popular type of home health care. A caregiver is allocated to your specific case under a doctor’s supervision to ensure therapy’s stability and fluidity. After a physician has prepared and authorized a treatment plan, the nurse responds to your needs in the comfort of your home. Nurses are trained to provide wound care, ostomy care, IV treatment, drug administration, pain management, and other medical assistance.

2. Companionship services

In some circumstances, you don’t require specialized medical care but still, need in-home services. Companionship services offer comfort and supervision to those who may be lonely or who are home alone for a long time. On top of providing companionship, they may prepare simple meals and handle light housekeeping chores.

3. Physical and occupational therapy

Due to aging, injury, or sickness, you might need additional help when it comes to relearning particular motor skills. Different types of specialized therapy can help with impaired speech and range of movements. In-home treatments enable physical therapists to visit you at home to perform physical, occupational, or speech therapy techniques. Through these treatments, you may improve your quality of life and regain the capacity to perform particular daily tasks.

4. Transportation

One of the biggest challenges elderly patients face is the inability to transport themselves to and from doctor’s visits. Whether their health is too poor to operate a car or they no longer feel comfortable behind the wheel, choices are available. At-home transportation services are accessible to pick your loved one up from home, drive them safely to their consultations, and bring them back.

5. Social services

In some instances, your welfare is handled by a social services case worker. The services offered by these experts can be done at home to better suit your needs. Whether your loved one requires counseling or help to obtain certain benefits and resources, their social service case manager can aid. It is particularly beneficial to enlist the assistance of an in-home social service worker when your loved one’s medical issue necessitates extensive care and the coordination of several various specialists.

6. Home health aides

When the daily activities become too much to bear, it is time to hire a home health assistant. These professionals are available daily to assist your loved one get out of bed, eating, bathing, and walk. A nurse typically monitors this type of care closely, as home health assistants are not usually certified to conduct any medical care.

Home health care services can offer several types of care to those who need assistance with activities of daily living. Also, these services can be very important for those who cannot leave home or require additional care with routine activities. Whether your loved one needs dietary assistance or you are looking for a nurse to provide home care, choosing the right type of at-home service is critical to the quality of life your loved one enjoys. Call South Texas Family Medicine and Urgent Care Center or book your consultation online to determine the ideal home care services for you and your loved ones.

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