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What is Radiology Solutions?

What is Radiology Solutions?

Jul 25, 2022

National Radiology Solutions was founded by industry veteran and MBA, Robb Kolb. Robb saw a need to address a gap in teleradiology. His company puts patient care, clear communication, referral sources, and 24/7 customer service as top priorities. Read on to learn about some of the services and products National Radiology Solutions has to offer. To get started, check out the services page visit this website totalmedicalimaging.com

Perfect Imaging

If you’re interested in cost-effective, integrated radiology solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Perfect Imaging sells a full range of radiology solutions that include hardware, software, information technology solutions, consulting services, and more. From ultrasound scanners to MRI machines, we have the tools to fit your needs. Read on to learn more about our radiology solutions. And remember to check out our webinars and download our latest white paper.

Our radiology workflow solutions manage subspecialization and improve workflows. The streamlined workflows in RadiologyWorkflow include patient registration, order management, report distribution, and quality improvement. The solution also integrates with surrounding IT solutions such as EMRs and RISs, enabling radiologists to conduct all of their routine tasks from a single diagnostic application. Regardless of how many radiologists you have on staff, you can be sure that Perfect Imaging has a solution to meet your needs.


eviCore’s Radiology benefit management solution can help health plans and providers reduce unnecessary radiation exposure and increase the quality of diagnostic imaging while simultaneously reducing costs. The program’s unique approach focuses on the patient’s comfort and safety, while ensuring that all imaging procedures adhere to the highest industry standards. By reducing unnecessary radiation exposure, eviCore can help health plans save money and maintain high patient safety.

eviCore authorizations for high-tech imaging are valid for 30 days. To make a claim, the patient’s NPI must match the eviCore authorization. The eviCore authorization code must match the code for the imaging service used in the claim. Otherwise, the claim will be rejected. If a patient is undergoing the test at another location, the provider may bill a lesser intensity code instead.


National Radiology Solutions, or NRAD, is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging equipment and teleradiology services. Founded by Robb Kolb, an MBA and former radiology executive, NRAD saw a need for teleradiology services and developed a solution to meet that need. His company’s top priorities include patient care, clear communication, referral sources, and 24/7 customer support. Robb Kolb hopes to make teleradiology a more convenient and profitable service for physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies alike.

NRAD’s trademark consists of the capital letters “NRAD” in a blue color, with the letter “D” and the letters ‘R’ in white. The white of the capital letters radiates outward to the right. The word ‘national’ is below the trademark, and is written in a smaller, solid blue font. It also includes the word’solutions’ in all capital letters.


ARS is known for its customer-centric approach to patient care and its commitment to quality patient care across its complete continuum of imaging solutions. Its team of certified radiologists works around the clock to read images for hospitals, stand-alone emergency centers, and urgent care centers. ARS also provides a comprehensive suite of teleradiology solutions that include data storage, dictation services, and the integration of medical images into EMR systems. These services are designed to help you deliver excellent patient care, and our solutions are also integrated with regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and technical assistance.

ARS has expanded its reach to northern and eastern Michigan through a joint venture with Spectrum Health and Michigan State University. It will also extend its services to McLaren Bay Region, and expand its subspecialty coverage in West Michigan through partnerships with Spectrum Health and Covenant Healthcare. ARS also expands its network of affiliated radiology centers by partnering with Diagnostic Radiology Consultants and Spectrum Health. And it will soon add to its staff by joining forces with a group of independent radiology practices.

IBM Watson Health

IBM Watson Health is a digital tool that facilitates healthcare services and medical research using artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing and other advanced information technologies. The tool enables physicians to identify and treat patients based on their unique medical histories and diagnoses, using real-time data from a wide variety of sources. IBM Watson Health can also improve patient care by reducing the need for radiologists to manually enter and interpret radiographs.

Developed with deep industry expertise, IBM Watson Health delivers solutions that improve patient care through innovative data and technology. With this technology, physicians can make more informed decisions and deliver care at scale. The company recently signed a new partnership with Guerbet, a global leader in contrast agents. The two companies are working to develop and commercialize an artificial intelligence solution for prostate cancer. The collaboration follows an earlier agreement for the diagnosis of liver cancer.


Cerner radiology solutions improve workflow and efficiency by streamlining imaging management, image distribution and business analysis. The Cerner EHR also integrates cardiovascular care services that facilitate the management of client histories, therapeutic interventions and follow-up schedules. With the ProVision web solution, cardiologists can capture and manage ECG information directly in Cerner EHR. This enables them to eliminate the need for dedicated ECG information platforms. However, a comprehensive solution may not be right for all practices.

The Cerner ProVision integration between PACS and RadNet(R) systems is one of the most comprehensive in the RIS/PACS market today. Because of this, clinicians can operate with real-time information, eliminating the hassle of incomplete data or slow response time. In addition, Cerner ProVision includes safety features such as a global reading worklist that ensures all studies are read in a timely manner. The Cerner Millennium account is another key feature that allows users to track the performance of their providers.

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