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Why is Red Light Therapy So Expensive?

Why is Red Light Therapy So Expensive?

Oct 25, 2022

Red light therapy is a painless treatment that quickly reduces different types of diseases. The red light therapy cost varies due to the therapy’s difference, quantity, and duration. Some red-light therapies are quite affordable, whereas some are pretty expensive. 

The price range of the therapy treatment can be between $20-$60,000. You can see that there is a vast range indicating the variations. So, let’s see how and why the red light therapy costs differ and why most of these sessions are pretty pocket-stretched!

Reasons Red Light Therapy Treatment Cost Varies so Much

Red light therapy treatment cost can be expected to be available between $50-$150 per session. The session-wise cost can be minimized if you have it at your home. However, there are more causes that create the differences. Let’s see the primary causes of cost difference and the price required in each case.

Home or Medical Treatment 

It is cheaper if you can have a red light therapy set up at home because you won’t have to pay the extra charges there. But you must learn and practice how to give specific therapy at home. Isn’t it necessary to have the proper treatment besides saving some money? 

So, you may need to spend nearly $100 to have a session for your problem, but you can get the same treatment at $50-$70 when you have it at home. Sometimes the medical or therapy center costs of having the same therapy at home may have more differences. 

The Body Part You’re Getting Treated

The body part or how much area you are also treating increases or decreases the overall cost. Suppose you treat just a single spot on your body through red light therapy. It’s obvious it’ll not cost much! On the other hand, if the infection or skin disease is spread all over the body, it will cost significantly more.

Also, it may not cost too much if you are treating acne or any small problem. But you may have to spend a lot of cash if you are having treatment for hair growth and hormones for mood. Organ or muscle recovery, hormonal balance treatments, and depression treatment can cost you above $1000!

Numbers of Session 

Only a few problems can be treated with red light therapy in a single session. However, mostly, the problems don’t go away after having a single session of red light therapy. That means you need multiple sittings and sessions to treat your problem properly. 

The total cost of 46 days and 20 minutes of red light therapy sessions can range from $1,100 to $1,300. A physiotherapist or a dermatologist can charge you between $20-$200 per session if it lasts for only 10 minutes. On the other side of the table, a cosmetic surgeon can charge you from $1,400 to $2,500 for surgery on your skin. 

Now let’s have a look at the different body and hormone treatments of light therapy and how they vary in price: 

Skin Issues 

You may need to spend nearly 40 to 60 dollars per session on reducing acne, bruise, scars, redness, or even rosacea. Also, you can quickly reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. However, keep in mind the cost will exponentially increase if you require more sessions to recover.

That’s not all; some renowned or expensive centers can take up to $250. The price range depends on where you get the laser therapy from and the facilities you’re getting.

Hair Growth 

The red light therapy caps for hair growth and baldness problems are, without question, very expensive! It can take nearly $1,000 to fully improve your hair growth and sort out the hair fall issue.

It may seem to be out of your pocket, but if you somehow manage to get it, you won’t regret it. Every penny is worth spending here because it will increase the growth twice and reduce your hair fall!

Joint and Bone Pains

Yes, it’s true; the overall cost depends on how many sessions you actually need. But remember this you may require to spend somewhere between $25-$200 per sitting, especially if you’re suffering from joint or bone pains. Although, it will vary depending on your condition, and the cost may increase if the damage is severe. 


Hormonal treatments with red light therapy are more sophisticated than you think. That’s why treating hormonal problems with red light therapy is super expensive, and you may need to spend about $2,000 to get the proper treatment!

The red light and nearly infrared rays reach your glands and secrete hormones in the correct proportion. Thus, you can regain your hormonal balance in the body. And to get this entire treatment done, it surely requires some astounding cash amount. 

Bottom Line 

Now that you know about the red light therapy treatment cost, you can clearly know how much money you need to spend. If your problem is not huge or doesn’t take a lot of money, you can think of having red light therapy as a treatment. Yet, the call is on whether you want to go for this treatment method. 

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