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5 great reasons why you should take out private health cover

5 great reasons why you should take out private health cover

Aug 17, 2022

You’re a fit and healthy person in full employment, living a great life, with everything going well. You haven’t a care in the world, enjoying participating in sport to satisfy your competitive nature and to stay fit. 

But one day something out of the ordinary happens as you badly twist and suffer a bad injury. You take you away to hospital in agony to wait in a queue to be treated. Sat there feeling sorry for yourself, you are told, you might require surgery, and you wish you had listened to friends and taken out private health cover.

Here are 5 great reasons to why to take out personal insurance on your health.

1. Save waiting time

Avoid waiting for sometimes months to see a specialist doctor or surgeon by beating the queues. The benefits of quick diagnoses and then treatment will make a massive difference to your health and wellbeing, not least your peace of mind rather than worrying about what is wrong with you.

Having your illness or injury dealt with in the quickest possible time will lead to a shorter recovery time, meaning you will soon be back and able to live just like before rather than having postpone plans and your active life. If you happen to be a public performer there are private health schemes for those in that profession. 

2. Stay healthy every day

You don’t have to be suffering from anything serious to be a beneficiary of private health cover. It can maintain your health every single day. You suddenly pull a muscle or break a tooth, but worry not. Book yourself an appointment at a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or dentist. Maybe your eyesight starts to fail, but again, it’s not a problem as you head to the optician knowing that you are covered by your insurance policy.

3. It’s good for your pocket

Your financial savings are twofold when taking out private health cover in Australia. Firstly, you can avoid paying government loadings and surcharges with the administration having two initiatives: Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading and Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS).

You will also save money for a quick diagnosis and treatment guaranteed through your private policy. You will recover and be able to return to work far earlier if you have needed time away, and able to carry out your job more efficiently without restrictions 

4. More choice

Having private cover will enable you to have a choice over which hospital you are treated at, which will be convenient both for you and those wishing to visit. You will also be offered options as to which doctors or surgeons carry out your procedures. 

5. Comfort

Forget being placed on an open ward as your private cover will afford you luxury in a private room with modern facilities which will make your stay in hospital are less stressful one.

Don’t wait for sudden mishaps or illness to strike. Speak to the experts and invest in private health cover today for improved health, wealth, and peace of mind.

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