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Elation Health Vs NextGen EMR: Which solution is the best?

Elation Health Vs NextGen EMR: Which solution is the best?

Aug 18, 2022

Elation Health is ideal for small and medium-sized hospitals, primary care units, and independent practice centers that choose their own EMR. In addition to its core EHR capabilities, the solution provides tools for billing and practice management. The program aids physicians in arranging appointments, tracking patients’ medical histories, organizing calendars, setting reminders, and handling billing and insurance compensation. 

NextGen EMR was developed out of a company founded in 1998 by two physicians with a singular goal: to improve the efficiency of medical office operations. The company’s founders designed a solution to accommodate physician and staff workflow with user-friendly, cheap, facility-specific technology that is accessible from anywhere. 

Continue reading to learn more about the two software and choose which one is more suitable for your business. 

Elation Health Vs NextGen EMR  

The tool is designed to aid physicians and health care professionals in conducting everyday documentation tasks, improving patient-physician relationships, and improving the quality of treatment. In 2015, Elation also provided an ONC-ATCB-certified system that incorporates patient scheduling, charting, compliance tracking, a patient portal, e-faxing, and e-prescribing. In addition to its fundamental features, the platform offers practice management and a billing service. The system gives a three-pane view of the patient’s health record, providing professionals with a full view of the patient’s whole medical history. 

NextGen Medical Software has created (MediTouch), a cloud-based EMR platform for private clinics. Next Gen Software is a fully integrated practice management system that includes specialty-specific information, a claims clearinghouse, and an intuitive patient interface. Additionally, it is compatible with any tablet or laptop (Apple or Windows), supports touchscreens, is compatible with all browsers, and is HIPAA compliant. 

Key Features 

Elation Health: 

Accurate Coding 

Healthcare companies utilizing Elation EHR benefit from a unique patient payment software. The program analyses your practice’s coding information in real-time and sends an alert if the clinic is at risk of violating Medicare’s established guidelines. In addition, it is tailored to certain specialties and alerts you when under-coding results in financial losses. 

Document Management 

The documentation of patient health records is facilitated and expedited by the EMR provider’s design of the Elation solution for doctors. It is possible to upload and update patient records in real-time, minimizing delays. Therefore, it allows you to frequently accomplish jobs in three minutes, whilst other systems require five minutes or more. 

Revenue Cycle Management 

Additionally enhancing the usefulness of Elation EHR is its expert management of the revenue cycle. It lets you transfer your focus from compliance, technology, and claims processing to patient care. Using software from Elation to manage your medical billing ensures that your expenses will decrease while your collections will rise. It helps to increase efficiencies in order to deliver best-practice financial management. 

NextGEN EMR Features 


Throughout the clinical workflow, exchange medical information with one another. Saves a person’s medical, financial, and patient information and makes it easy to access, which improves clinical, financial, and patient outcomes. 

Record Maintenance  

Users can additionally personalize drug information by modifying the formulary’s options. By modifying some formulary parameters, such as display chemical names, display OTC medications, and display-only drugs, users can organize their view of medications. There are various templates available for selection. These configuration options enable providers and physicians to organize their own medical records with their ease. 

Workflow Screen 

The workflow panel of NextGen EHR provides a view of clinical appointments, clinical duties, and appointment queues, making it a helpful tool. Together, these capabilities expedite clinical operations and healthcare, allowing a clinic to provide value-based treatment more quickly. In the clinical tasks part of the workflow page, users can create, reassign, and modify assignments. This section provides access to patient information, including drugs, allergies, issues, and diagnoses. 

Elation Health Vs NextGen EMR Pricing 

Elation Health software’s pricing strategy is subscription-based. The Direct care model begins at $349 per month and is the initial option. The second option is a monthly premium beginning at $399. And the final option, known as the Enterprise plan, is one that may be customized. As NextGen EMR’s pricing plans are personalized, they are unavailable, and there is no trial version available. Contacting the seller for price models is an option for users. 

Elation Health Vs NextGen EMR Demo 

Requesting a demo of the product is the most convenient way to dispel any remaining uncertainties you may have about purchasing it. A demonstration is helpful for resolving any questions that you may have and removing any misconceptions that you may have regarding the instrument. Both Elation EMR and NextGen offer users a demo on their websites which can be scheduled whenever they want.  

Elation Vs NextGen EMR Reviews 

Elation EHR is lauded for its adaptable user interface. It has fewer flaws than competing medical software and is more user-friendly. Users are pleased with the flawless organization, which saves them both energy and time. Customers recommend, however, that the EMR vendor conduct frequent software updates. The characteristics outlined above are regarded by the vast majority of NextGen EMR users as being exceptionally useful and simple to operate. As a direct consequence of this, the vast majority of the reviews are positive. However, only a small number of customers have reported a few difficulties. In light of this, despite the fact that it has a high rating on the internet, we cannot deny that it has flaws.  

Final Thoughts  

NextGen delivers a completely integrated practice management system with specialized content, a claims clearinghouse, and a user-friendly patient portal. It is meant to suit doctors and staff workflows with easy-to-use functions; nevertheless, anytime an upgrade or maintenance is performed, the system can occasionally malfunction and freeze up. Elation EMR is evidence that not all EHRs are created equal. The software aids you in completing time-consuming, complicated jobs. It streamlines administrative, clinical, and billing tasks, allowing you to maintain the quality of patient care you provide. 

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