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How can you Build Muscle with Calisthenics?

How can you Build Muscle with Calisthenics?

May 11, 2023

Similar to any other, Calisthenics to is a form of resistance training. It is best if you want to gain lean muscle mass. This is because muscle-building stimulus, recovery, and adaptation are the three most important requirements for building muscle. Calisthenics or bodyweight training enables the muscle-building trigger by providing enough resistance that helps you build muscle. You must also allow your body to rest in between continuous rigorous workouts. 

There are some basic rules in Calisthenics that you must understand to improve better. Calisthenics Worldwide is a community that trains together. By joining a community, it becomes easy to practice daily. It will help you strengthen your body and increase lean muscle as well. Here are some ways to increase muscles with calisthenics.


For results, no practice is better than consistency. For a beginner, calisthenics might seem a bit difficult but as you get used to it, it becomes more of a fun activity. There are different calisthenics program for people who have never trained before and are looking for specific results in which lean muscle gain is the most popular. If you exercise spontaneously without a schedule, the workout will do nothing good for you except make you feel tired and sleepy.

Compounding Exercises

If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time for a long workout session every day, then you must plan your workout in. You can exercise all the basic calisthenics movements. Every calisthenic movement has multiple patterns. These patterns improve your muscle strength and improve your real-world functionality. Most basic movements include pulling and pushing, which replicate real-world movements. To get the most effective workout in a short period, the exercises or movements you should practice are horizontal push and pulls, vertical push and pulls, knee flexion, and hip extensions.

Use Proper Volume

After you are done selecting the exercise and deciding your workout routine, you must think of the proper volume of the exercises. Proper volume refers to the number of sets and reps you must perform to make the exercise effective. You must generally perform around 6 to 12 repetitions of each exercise that challenge a specific muscle group. For example, a beginner must at least try doing 6 to 12 reps of knee push-ups which is enough to make them feel fatigued. But if you are an advanced athlete and are familiar with the workouts and exercises, you might want to perform around the same repetition range with a weight vest on you to get proper results. 

Progressive Overload

Progressive Overload is the most essential step to keep improving your strength and increasing your flexibility and mobility. It means you must constantly introduce new changes to trigger the stimulus that brings changes to your muscles. You won’t be able to see changes with the same number of sets and repetitions of an exercise after a certain period. With time, you will get stronger, and your body will need more and more exposure to difficulties to improve itself. You must progressively overload your body. The changes must be slow, but they should be constant. 

Eat to Nourish your Muscles

Your diet is the main component that supports your muscle growth. It is its core or the main foundation on which your muscle growth is dependent. The three main areas you should focus on are calories, micronutrients, and macronutrients. Your muscle growth heavily relies on your calorie intake. You can add calories or increase your calorie intake by either adding a high-calorie snack to your diet or increasing the number of servings of one of your meals.


In current times, calisthenics is the most preferred form of training. It adds strength, flexibility, and mobility to your body. It replicates movements from the real world, which improves your lifestyle. There are a lot of other benefits of calisthenics. If you are looking to build lean body muscle and are thinking of turning to calisthenics, these pros will make you think it is the right decision.

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