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Top 6 Reasons Why Women’s Wellness Exam Is Vital

Top 6 Reasons Why Women’s Wellness Exam Is Vital

Jan 23, 2023

A regular health check is a crucial measure that many people worldwide underrate. They think health checkups are only necessary when they have symptoms and underlying health complications. Some even look for their symptoms online to evade appointments with the health care provider. However, if you are one of them, you should change your perspective and seek wellness exams from Kalpana Desai MD to stay in tune with your health. Here are 6 reasons why the women’s wellness exam is crucial.

Creating a Healthy Relationship With Your Healthcare Provider

A professional connection with your health provider is vital when it comes to the maintenance of your health. Your specialist will want to see you more often to familiarize themselves with your unique needs and know you better. Consequently, you develop a basis of trust with your provider, which is indispensable in receiving quality care.

To Get the Preventive Care

Some conditions come in without knocking, which calls for preventive measures. The women’s wellness exam is crucial to safeguarding you from illness in the future. During the checkup sessions, your specialists will also educate you on various ways to improve your health.

To Receive the Specialized Care

You may think that the care services you get from your primary care provider are all you need, but you are mistaken. Seeking the annual wellness exam goes beyond the care that you get from your primary care provider. In a women’s wellness exam, you get care from professionals who specialize in women’s health and whom you can talk to about your reproductive health.

To Undergo Screening

The early detection of health complications can help to provide immediate treatment, thus increasing your chances of survival. During the well-woman exams, the specialist conducts tests such as Pap smear tests which help to detect the cancerous growth in your cervix. The choice of the tests depends on the patient’s needs and the specialist’s recommendations regarding the test.

To Develop the Health Trend

Keeping a health record is crucial for easily tracking your health conditions. The provider preserves a record of your health information through the regular annual wellness exams, which is vital in tracing future dates. By keeping the information on a regular record, the specialists can easily discover any irregularities that could indicate that you have underlying conditions.

To Get Other Health Care Services

Many people claim that the women’s wellness exam only targets women’s reproductive health. However, the truth is that the wellness exams session goes beyond that scope. You can discuss other health issues with your provider during these sessions, such as vaccination and weight management.

Millions of women worldwide ignore the power of wellness exams, claiming that it is unnecessary without signs of health complications. However, after passing through the above reasons for seeking the wellness exam, you should change your view and seek the women’s wellness exam. Kalpana Desai, MD of Integrated Family Medical Center, provides various women’s health services through wellness exams. To receive quality services, book an appointment today and visit their office in Lady Lake, FL.

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