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What to Look For When Purchasing Drug and Alcohol Testing Supplies

What to Look For When Purchasing Drug and Alcohol Testing Supplies

Jul 25, 2022

If you need to run a drug or alcohol test in your workplace, you should order your testing supplies daily. However, you should know that these supplies may take seven to ten business days to arrive. So, what should you look for when purchasing drug and alcohol testing supplies? Read on to find out. Is the company accredited? Read more about our accreditation process. If it is, you’ll be able to order your test supplies in seven to ten business days visit this website idrugscreen.com


APS is committed to a drug-free workplace and has a Drug-Free Workplace Policy. This policy states that illegal possession, manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications is strictly prohibited. Employees must inform their supervisor if they are under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances at work, school premises, or any APS activity. Failure to report a conviction for drug or alcohol use within five (5) days of the conviction may result in disciplinary action.

APS is committed to providing high-quality alcohol and drug testing supplies and services. All collectors are certified and DOT-qualified. The staff is trained in multiple methods of collection, including oral fluids, urine, and rapid test kits. The APS website also contains information on how to use various test kits. You can find information on the different collection methods offered by APS. There are dozens of different collection techniques available for drug and alcohol testing, and APS can assist you with these as well.

APS is committed to preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Any employee who violates the policy will face disciplinary action, which may include a warning or even termination. In addition to disciplinary action, you may also be subject to a lawsuit. APS will make every effort to resolve a complaint, but will not take disciplinary action without a complaint. So, the next time your employees commit a workplace incident, make sure to contact your local APS company and tell them about it.

CLIAwaived, Inc.

The Hb Testing System from CLIAwaived, Inc is an automated, point-of-care device for determining hemoglobin concentration in non-anticoagulated capillary and venous whole blood. It is only intended for use in medical offices. The FDA approved these tests under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988. The Hb Testing System has been designed to meet CLIA requirements for laboratory equipment and methods usglobalworld.

The CLIAwaived, Inc-certified Automated Urinalysis Test System is an innovative semi-automatic analyzer that tests urine test strips, stores results and prints reports without the need for a trained technician. The AUT can test as many as 120 urine test strips per hour. It also comes with an optional barcode reader. It also provides a centralized ordering system and offers a comprehensive set of training materials.


If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to conduct drug and alcohol tests, Labcorp is the supplier for you. Rapid test programs provide on-site screening for drugs of abuse, validating urine specimens, and determining saliva alcohol concentration. Labcorp follows chain-of-custody protocols when performing these tests. The company has specimen collection centers nationwide and performs these tests. Customers can also choose to perform the testing themselves.

In addition to urine and saliva tests, Labcorp also offers drug screen test kits for blood and oral fluid specimens. Blood tests can be appropriate when the suspect has active drug use. Since drugs of abuse are quickly metabolized and eliminated from the body, blood drug tests can detect drug use in as little as a few hours or days. Test results can be received in as little as 72 hours for both positive and negative tests. Labcorp can set up an oral fluid testing program for you.

For more information on Labcorp, you can contact their customer support service. You can ask your doctor about the services they offer or visit their website. Occupational testing and other additional services can be set up with the company. For your convenience, you can also use their forms to request additional services. It’s easy to order supplies from the company’s online store. If you need to order lab supplies for your business, look no further. They have everything you need to run a successful alcohol and drug test.

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